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Get recognized for what you do.

Blogging is more than just the next best way to become an overnight internet sensation. Having a blog for your business increases web traffic and brand recognition. An example of this would be a hardware store owner is trying to attract more online sales and generate greater community recognition of his store and location. Hosting a blog on the stores website with content on DIY projects will increase the exposure the stores website receives from search engines. By creating short instructional content tailored to the goals of business the diversity of materials casts a wider net that funnels potential customers directly to your goods and services. This is known as SEO or search engine optimization.

Running low on manpower?  

The Write Connection has reduced the hassle of writing content for businesses such as Job Descriptions. Tell us what you do and what you’re looking for with a list of skill requirements and qualifications. Then let us provide you with the job description that you can copy and paste right into your recruitment source.

Have a great editorial schedule but not enough staff to cover the content your readers expect. The Write Connection accepts assignments from publishers. We pledge to create engaging content that utilized your publications unique voice. In addition, we make every effort to focus content around opportunity to advertise. Most publications survive on being able to sell advertising space centered around the content and we prioritize that capability.  

Marketing Materials 

Brochures, Post Cards, Mass Emails, and Website content takes creative efforts and time that we don’t always have. Connect with us to discuss your marketing needs the goals your trying to accomplish and let us help you make the impact your business deserves.